Since 2005 all our actions are guided by a Code of Ethics and a Code of Conduct which govern the relationships with all our employees and suppliers.

The Code of Conduct guides the actions of all our employees and partners based on three main areas:

Human Capital
The code explicitly mandates the ban of underage employment, forced labour and any form of employees discriminations; it guarantees the freedom of association and the right to join Trade Unions and regulates the allowed disciplinary procedures; it directs the payment of minimum wages as defined by low or by collective bargaining agreements and the respect of the legal limits permitted by the local low of the maximum working hours including overtime; finally, it requires the definition of specific health and safety management plan, fire and other natural disasters contingency plans, first aid and physical working environment safety measures.

Environmental Protection
The code ensures the compliance to all the local regulations concerning chemicals and hazardous substances, waste management, water and air emission management.

Supply Chain Transparency and Regulatory Compliance
The code regulates the potential involvement of sub-contractors, anti-corruption practices and the participation to an independent auditing plan.

To guarantee the respect of Geox values, the code of conduct is signed by all our factories and the tanneries with which we have a continuous relationship.

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