Geox Group

Geox is a leading brand in the International Market.

The success of Geox is due to the constant focus on the application of innovative solutions and technologies on the product that guarantee both impermeability and breathability.

Geox technology is protected by over 60 different patents registered in Italy and extended internationally.

Latest press releases

Apr 16th, 2015 - Geox S.p.A. shareholders’ meeting approved 2014 results >>
Mar 25th, 2015 - Notice of filing of annual financial report at December 31, 2014 >>
Mar 17th, 2015 - Shareholders’ meeting: directors’ report on the agenda >>
Mar 5th, 2015 - Geox Group – 2014 results >>
Jan 27th, 2015 - 2015 financial calendar >>

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April 16th: Shareholders’ meeting: approval of the financial statements for the Fiscal Year 2014
May 14th: Board of Directors: Quarterly Report for the three months period ended March 31, 2015
July 30th: Board of Directors: Half Year Report for the six months period ended June 30, 2015
November 12th: Board of Directors: Quarterly Report for the nine months period ended September 30, 2015

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Latest financial statements

Interim Report first nine months of 2014 Pdf file (591 Kb)
2014 Half-Year financial report Pdf file (2 Mb)
Interim Report 1st Quarter 2014 Pdf file (646 Kb)
Geox annual report 2013 Pdf file (12,65 Mb)
Interim report first nine month of 2013 Pdf file (609 Kb)

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Latest presentations

FY 2014 Results Presentation Pdf file (793 Kb)
Conference call FY 2014 Results Presentation (file mp3 16,1 Mb)
Conference call 9M 2014 Results Presentation (file mp3 8,9 Mb)
9M 2014 Results Presentation Pdf file (544 Kb)
1H 2014 Results Presentation File pdf (583 Kb)

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