231 Model

Italian Legislative decree no. 231/2001 introduced the principle of administrative liability of companies for certain crimes committed in their interest or to their advantage, by individuals in management positions or those under the management or supervision of such individuals.

In order to assure, as far as possible, the prevention of the offences stated by the Decree, the Board of Directors of Geox S.p.A. adopted, as from 2005, a Model for organisation, management and control (so called 231 Model); in 2015, the Company comprehensively reviewed the 231 Model and the Board of Directors approved a new 231 Model on 12 November 2015, updated on 17 April 2018 and on 13 May 2021, on 27 July 2023  and finally on 9 November 2023.

The 231 Model is a part of a wider corporate governance policy of Geox S.p.A., which takes care of the corporate management’s ethical principles, as represented by the Code of Ethics (also based on the Decree).

A Supervisory Body has been appointed to monitor the correct implementation of the 231 Model.

For any violation of the 231 Model or the Code of Ethics, or any other information the Supervisory Body can be reached at its email address organismodivigilanza@geox.com

231 Model