Supply Chain

All our factories take part in an audit program carried out by an independent international company, which conducts a test protocol to verify compliance with local laws and our code of conduct in terms of three main areas:

  • Environmental impact
  • Social impact
  • Safety

However, we do not just conduct this control exercise, but rather our business model is founded on our close collaboration with the entire supply chain.
For Geox to evolve it is crucial that its suppliers do so also, as our performance depends on them. That is why our relationship with the factories has been reworked with a view to co-evolution.

We have extended our definition of quality to equally and comprehensively take 4 areas into consideration: product quality, service, sustainability and cost. We have been assessing the performance of our suppliers in each of these areas for several years.
The results are regularly shared with the factories so that we can identify the areas of excellence together, as well as those of mutual improvement.