We are conscious of the fact that everything we do has an impact on the environment and the climate and on all people that are connected to our company. That is why we adopt the best solutions available to minimise our energy consumption in everything that we do, including:

100% of the electricity that GEOX uses in Italy, Austria, France, Switzerland and Germany comes from renewable sources. Worldwide, the share of green electricity is 83% (it was 74% in 2020).

The GEOX logistics centre in Signoressa (Treviso) is equipped with two photovoltaic plants, completed in 2010 and 2020, which independently produce enough energy to meet 44% of its needs - an amount comparable to the annual consumption of 630 homes.

The Eating Geox Restaurant is the first restaurant in Italy to have obtained LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, which testifies to the adoption of the most advanced solutions for energy saving and plant efficiency

Geox shops, in full harmony with the environment, are built with wood, metal, natural ceramic tiles, plasterboard walls with cement finishes or plastered/plastered, LED lighting, using recycled materials (carpets), FSC certified (wood) and Green Building (tiles, plasterboard panels).

Starting in 2017, the Geox shops were involved, again with a view to sustainability, in an LED relamping campaign through a 'restore' operation in the existing shops; in 2021 this campaign involved 11 shops. This has made it possible to significantly reduce the temperature inside the stores and consequently reduce the consumption of air conditioning systems. In 2021, 72% of the energy used in the shops came from green sources and the goal for the next few years is to use 100% renewable energy.

Geox has also started the gradual replacement of the current company car fleet with hybrid and electric cars and replaced fuel cards with the innovative 'DKV Climate' cards. By signing the agreement for the supply of these cards, DKV certifies the offsetting of CO2 emissions generated by the consumption of fuel purchased with the card. In addition, by purchasing fuel with such a card, Geox participates in an innovative and concrete project in the field of global environmental protection: for every litre of fuel purchased, DKV will pay a contribution to support projects such as the construction of wind turbines in Turkey, the use of biomass cookers in China or the use of solar cookers in Madagascar.