Material selection is the choice that most affects overall product impact.
We involve suppliers directly in sustainability analysis for various materials and design multi-functional innovation laboratories to identify the best solutions in partnership with them.

We pay particular attention to the choice of materials used for the sole, as it is a fundamental part of footwear and greatly determines its functionality. We have introduced virtuous materials, such as the natural rubber that we use in the New:Do line.

In order to make our manufacturing processes more efficient and reduce our environmental impact we reuse processing waste products. All our soles contain a minimum of 5% recycled material on average. Where we are not able to use our production scraps directly, we give them to companies that specialise in recycling the sole components so as to make full use of them.

Leather is our main material and that is why we are members of the Leather Working Group, an association of producers and distributors within the leather industry that promotes the adoption of sustainable and responsible practices.

To guarantee the highest labor, quality and environmental standards, our leather suppliers with whom we continuously collaborate, formally sign our code of conduct.

The leathers that we use do not come from cattle raised in areas that belong to the Amazonian Biome to ensure the stability of this vital ecosystem and to protect its biodiversity.

Since 2013 we have strived to respect the international standard certified by the Fur Free Alliance, which requires that any kind of animal fur be excluded from our products.