Geox Integrity Line

In compliance with Legislative Decree 24/2023, Geox S.p.A. has implemented specific measures, regulated within the "Whistleblowing Management Procedure," allowing for reporting, even anonymously, within the Company's activities.

The Geox Group, always focused on a culture of ethics and integrity, has activated the digital platform Geox Integrity Line to comply with the regulatory prescriptions contained in the aforementioned decree. It is a Whistleblowing system aimed at promptly identifying and managing any unlawful acts, facts, and behaviors that may constitute or lead to a violation of laws and regulations, the Organizational Model, Management, and Control pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 adopted by the Company, the Code of Ethics, the Code of Conduct, and, more generally, corporate procedures.

Please note that the platform is not intended for commercial complaints, disputes, or requests related to personal interests. It is also not to be understood, in cases of immediate danger, as an emergency service, for which one should contact the relevant authorities.

Reports can be submitted by individuals both internal and external to the organization, operating in Italy or abroad, including but not limited to: employees, collaborators, shareholders, individuals exercising (even in de facto terms) administrative, managerial, supervisory, or representational functions for the company, volunteers, interns (paid and unpaid), and other third parties interacting with the company by providing goods or services or carrying out works (including suppliers, consultants, intermediaries, etc.), as well as interns or probationary workers, job applicants, and former employees.

Therefore, anyone can make a suitably substantiated report with the guarantee of maximum confidentiality. In any case, the Company will take all necessary measures to ensure the prohibition of retaliatory or discriminatory acts against the whistleblower for reasons connected, directly or indirectly, to the report.

Reports can be submitted through the Geox Integrity Line reporting channel, allowing for written and oral reports, ensuring confidentiality of the whistleblower's identity, the person involved and/or mentioned in the report, as well as the content of the report and related documentation, also through encryption tools.

Reports are received by the Group's Internal Audit Manager as the first recipient, who is responsible for receiving the report, sending the acknowledgment of receipt to the whistleblower within legal deadlines, conducting a preliminary analysis of the report, and informing the other members of the Whistleblowing Committee of the receipt and content of the report.

The Whistleblowing Committee - composed of the Internal Audit Manager, the General Counsel, and the Chief Human Resources & Organization Officer - is responsible for managing, analyzing, verifying, evaluating reports, and making decisions regarding the adoption of any measures, with a duty of confidentiality on acquired information.

The whistleblower is guaranteed notification of receipt of the report within 7 days from the date of receipt, and feedback regarding the outcome of the report within 3 months from receipt.

Legislative Decree 10 March 2023 No. 24 guarantees the whistleblower, the facilitator, and persons involved in the report the following protection measures:

  • Absolute confidentiality. In the case of anonymous reports, it is not possible to identify the whistleblower;
  • Prohibition of personal or professional retaliation for making a report;
  • Protection from retaliation, which includes: (i) the possibility of reporting to the ANAC any retaliation believed to have been suffered as a result of a report; (ii) the provision of nullity of acts taken in violation of the prohibition of retaliation, to be asserted even in court.

All personal data processing is carried out in compliance with personal data protection regulations.

Access to the Geox Integrity Line platform is available via the link:   

For any clarification, you can consult the contents within the platform and/or contact the Internal Audit office at the following address: