Geox is a leading brand in the International lifestyle footwear Market.
The success of Geox is due to the constant focus on the application of innovative solutions and technologies on the product that guarantee both impermeability and breathability.
Geox technology is protected by 61 different patents and by 5 more recent patent applications registered in Italy and extended internationally.


Geox is based on an innovative idea that aims to ensure quality and well-being.
We believe that the application of ethical principles of solidarity and environmental sustainability are needed for the long-term development of our company and of the world in which we live.
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Geox Worldwide

Geox is a wholly Italian idea but with a strong international vocation. Over 70% of its turnover is achieved abroad in more than 100 countries worldwide.
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Innovation & Technology

The development of the “breathing technology” is Geox’s mission.
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