People with their passion and culture lie at the base of it all.
The first thing we did was to implement a training and engagement plan for all our staff on sustainable innovation, so that everyone could personally contribute to the corporate project. We started by training a group of sustainability ambassadors, who are the cornerstone in the promotion of this new culture and who went on to become the trainers for the entire organisation.

The Geox Learning System is structured according to the types of courses, the skills to be developed and the target audience to be involved, with a particular focus on what will be the 'skills of the future'. The Geox Learning System envisages the involvement of both external consultants and lecturers and internal experts capable of transmitting specialist know-how.The total amount of training hours provided in 2021 was over 57 thousand hours, a sharp increase compared to the total number of hours recorded in the previous two-year period. This means that, on average, about 19 hours of training were provided per employee during the year.




The Geox Group is an active member of the local community in which it operates and is committed to contributing to the social, economic and environmental development and wellbeing of the population. In particular, Geox accepts requests for sponsorships and donations, where these offer guarantees of quality and seriousness, are intended to improve social and environmental aspects, or come from cultural/social promotion bodies. Its commitment is manifested through the promotion and financing of initiatives and projects aimed at supporting the activities of national and international charitable organisations and local communities. This commitment has mainly taken the form of recognising donations for initiatives related to social assistance and integration, the environment, local community development and culture. In order to make its social commitment increasingly relevant, Geox has renewed its partnership with the WWF and is a partner of Golden Links, a project promoted by Banca Intesa and Caritas that aims to distribute new clothes and other goods to impoverished families