People with their passion and culture lie at the base of it all.
The first thing we did was to implement a training and engagement plan for all our staff on sustainable innovation, so that everyone could personally contribute to the corporate project. We started by training a group of sustainability ambassadors, who are the cornerstone in the promotion of this new culture and who went on to become the trainers for the entire organisation.

Over the course of 2015 we involved all head office staff in specific training exercises, amounting to 700 people.
2016 is seeing the training being given to all staff worldwide.




For a few years now we have been involved in projects which have a positive impact on society: the Valemour project that supports young people with Down syndrome in entering the working world and acquiring independence; the ‘Germogli di Speranza’ (Buds of Hope) project in Haiti that involved planting a small GEOX forest which offers the opportunity of income for the local people, while neutralising the CO2 emissions created by our junior shoe line.

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