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Geox mission is improving everyday life of its endorsers, through breathable innovations.
The extraordinary success of Geox is due to the technological characteristics of its shoes and apparel, a result of continued R&D investments. 
Thanks to a technology that has been protected by 40 different patents and by 25 more recent patent applications registered in Italy and extended internationally, "Geox" products ensure technical characteristics that improve foot and body comfort in a way that consumers are able to appreciate immediately.
Geox offers style and comfort, all day, through the following innovative technologies: 


Nebula is an evolution of the traditional concept of breathability. It makes use of innovative technology that ensures exceptional breathability for the entire foot, in every direction. Nebula breathes in three dimensions thanks to the combined effect of Net Breathing System and Inner Breathing System. Net breathing system features extra-large perforations in the sole that, when combined with the membrane, enhance breathability and provide high levels of performance. A special layer protects feet without limiting the performance of the membrane. The special interior lining with spacers, Inner Breathing System, creates free space between the foot and the upper. Heat can escape upwards through this space, facilitating the natural process of body temperature regulation and providing the pleasant feeling of having dry feet.
Thanks to the 3D performance unit system, the sole is characterized by flexibility, cushioning, stability and grip. A level of comfort and ease of use never before achieved in footwear. Nebula’s special features are the result of innovative applied technology.

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Amphibiox features advanced technology hidden in the form of a fashionable shoe. A special breathable and waterproof membrane is present, not only in the sole, but also around the top of the foot, keeping the foot dry. This unique technology makes Amphibiox both waterproof and breathable.

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Geox Rubber Sole

Geox challenged the historical perception of holes in shoes - the first step of the Geox revolution. Usually associated with the idea of a worn out shoe to be thrown away, the holes became a technological plus.
The rubber sole is perforated and incorporates a special breathable and waterproof membrane, which lets feet breathe but prevents water from penetrating. This allows a natural thermoregulation and creates an ideal microclimate within the shoe.
The membrane - The Geox revolution has been made possible after extensive research resulting in the development of the membrane, made of a special micro-porous material which expels sweat, in the form of water vapor, but prevents water from penetrating. The process is made possible as the membrane’s micropores are larger than water vapour molecules, but smaller than water droplets - keeping water out and feet dry.

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