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Thanks to wide and tailored distribution network, which includes multimark, directly owned and franchising stores, Geox has built a powerful leadership presence across the globe. Geox’s retail network extends to to 1,095 stores (of which 439 are directly owned), in more than 100 countries across the globe.

Todays consumer demands innovation, and products that offer added value.  This is something which Geox is able to offer thanks to a wide and stylish collection of innovative premium casual footwear, apparel and accessories for all types of consumer. Geox products are made superior and unique thanks to their breathability which is combined with other life enhancing comfort, performance and protection technologies.

Geox benefits from a powerful and class leading awareness, and is the protagonist of award winning marketing and communications campaigns which are targeted to specific consumer audiences, and tailored to suit each countries needs. Geox’s innovate spirit applies also to the way it communicates, and is a pioneering brand in digital and social media, with a highly engaged social following of over 1 million fans, high traffic web presence and suite of mobile applications.

The consumer trust, loyalty and satisfaction for the brand is extremely strong, thanks to a combination of high quality products, cross-channel customer care and a loyalty programme.

Joining Geox’s franchising programme is simple, safe and rewarding. You will be part of a successful and growing organisation, where every store is helped and assisted to grow in terms of business and professionality, and is integral to building the success of the brand.

Geox provides an evolving product offer, new retail layouts that are studied to better serve the consumer and deliver increase performance. With complete commercial assistance in your daily operations, our franchising programme also provides conditions and tools to help ensure you deliver a profitable and exciting to run business.

The ideal Geox store is 100-130 m2 in size and is located in either a shopping centre or in primary high-street retail destinations in towns and cities with populations greater than 70,000.

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Geox offers an opportunity to entrepreneurial people that enjoy an opportunity to learn new skills, or people that have an expertise in retail management.

If you are interested to know more about Geox’s franchising programme, please contact us.