GEOX was created by starting with the idea of GEO– the Greek word for “earth” – and about how to create well-being for people through innovation, represented by the X in our name.

Human activity is undermining environmental balance and at times does not ensure the best possible quality of life for people. That is why we feel it is imperative that each and every company evolves and places the well-being of the planet and society as its very top priority. In the twenty-first century a successful business has a responsibility to use its potential to contribute to addressing the environmental and social challenges of our time.

Many years ago, behind the scenes, we began taking the path of Sustainable Innovation, which concerns everything we do. The moment for collective engagement has arrived and we want to contribute to the transformation of our sector, starting by telling you about the real actions, both large and small, that we have undertaken.

Our program of evolution involves all areas of our business.